VISION of the Civil Engineering Department:
To emerge as a front runner in Civil Engineering through academic excellence and the application of knowledge to the benefit of the society.
MISSION of the Civil Engineering Department:
1. Cultivating the field of technical education with well equipment and qualified staff,
2. Sowing the seeds of dedication, irrigating the students with the relevant knowledge along with the manure of world class technical education,
3. To produce strong, healthy and efficient technocrats to meet the challenges in an ever changing global society.
4. To impart the best intra personnel skills, enhancing creativity, innovation while adhering to our vision.

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Hydraulics Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Soil Mechanics Lab

Survey Lab

Surveying Laboratory provides students with hands-on experience to supplement instruction in surveying courses. Surveying takes the foremost place in planning, designing and execution of any kind of construction work. Moreover, knowledge in surveying plays a vital role in the professional practice of civil engineers and architects. Hence, the students are introduced to a course on surveying, provided with ample time and equipments to perform the field exercises on their own. The survey lab consists of Dumpy levels, compass, chain surveying equipment etc. Student use of the lab is preceded by appropriate safety training and instruction on the use and care for the equipment.


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