Affiliated to State Board of Technical Education and Training AP

M.B.T.S.Government Polytechnic Nallapadu Guntur

Besides Kedriyavidlayam ,Nallapadu ,GUNTUR - 522005Phone : 0863- 2596132

Commissioner`s Message

Maddi Bala Tripura Sundaramma Government Polytechnic, GUNTUR



VISION of the Civil Engineering Department: To emerge as a front runner in Civil Engineering through academic excellence and the application of knowledge to the benefit of the society. MISSION of the Civil Engineering Department: 1. Cultivating the field of technical education with well equipment and qualified staff, 2. Sowing the seeds of dedication, irrigating the students with the relevant knowledge along with the manure of world class technical education, 3. To produce strong, healthy and efficient technocrats to meet the challenges in an ever changing global society. 4. To impart the best intra personnel skills, enhancing creativity, innovation while adhering to our vision.

VISION of the Computer Engineering Department Produce comprehensively trained socially responsible, innovative computer engineers of highest quality to contribute to the Nation‟s development. MISSION of the Computer Engineering Department Provide students ambience for professional growth and lifelong learning with emphasis on sound technical knowledge and ethics.

VISION of the Mechanical Engineering Department To emerge as excellent centre in the region to pursue Diploma in Mechanical Engineering by adopting latest techniques and practices in teaching and learning to transform novice into globally competitive professionals in the service and entrepreneur sector. MISSION of the Mechanical Engineering Department

  1. To provide the quality education in mechanical engineering
  2. By imparting technical skills by practical approach and industrial training.
  3. To improve the overall academic performance of the students and enhancing their placement potential.
  4. To develop the students for facing intellectual and ethical career challenges after graduation.
  5. To develop communication skills and team work in students.
  6. To motivate staff and students for creative thinking to enhance teaching – learning process.
  1. Involvement of staff in career guidance and counseling of students

Facilities We Offer


Collection of materials, books or media that are accessible for use.


Formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources.


An individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure.

Quality Education

Appropriate skills development, gender parity, provision of relevant school infrastructure.